• Be Kind
  • Be Safe
  • Be a MOVER!

Be Kind - Promote and maintain a friendly class. Everyone is here to learn, and we need to respect that. Encourage, inspire and help each other. Demonstrate good choices and always do your best to cooperate and show exceptional sportsmanship.

Be Safe - Make sure to wear proper clothes and your PE shoes. Be able to know, show and explain class and activity rules. Listen and wait for your cues. We will all have fun and more success if we know how to participate safely.

Be a MOVER! - We are here to learn. To learn, we must participate. We learn how to control our bodies and improve our movement skills. Be at school and be ready to move.

Discipline Policy
1. Redirect & Reteach - Review rules & proper behavior
2. Miss activity for 10 Minute - Penalty Box (Time out)
3. Penalty Box for rest of the class - Involve school redirector

If inappropriate behaviors  become a consistent problem, or the student receives more than 3 redirect forms during a trimester parent will be contacted.